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Ekol Compass

Ekol Compass is a user-friendly and functional "Field Driver" mobile application developed specifically for Ekol Logistics. Designed with a user-centric approach, this application offers features tailored to the logistics sector, ensuring efficient experiences. It seamlessly integrates with Ekol Logistics' existing systems, providing a swift and effective solution.




Ekol Lojistik


Mobile Application Dev. & UX/UI Design

ekol lojistik mobil uygulaması

01 Customized Mobile Application

We developed a user-friendly field driver application for Ekol Logistics that operates on the Android platform. Crafted using the Kotlin programming language, the application offers both English and Turkish language options.

02 User-Centric Design

Our UI/UX designers created dynamic and vibrant designs for Ekol Compass, prioritizing user experience. Custom-developed prototypes and user-friendly steps accelerate page transitions and streamline operations.

03 Integration and Collaboration

In the Ekol Compass project, we developed an application in harmony with Ekol Logistics' existing systems and business processes. By offering solutions tailored to the needs of Ekol Logistics, one of the most experienced brands in the logistics sector, we meticulously crafted the mobile application design and software.

UX/UI Screens

Highlighted Features of Ekol Compass

User-Centric Design and UI/UX Services:

The application prioritizes user experience, facilitating swift page transitions and efficient operations. Our experienced designers contributed creative ideas to enhance the interface and user experience.

Platform Compatibility and Multilingual Support:

Ekol Compass is designed for seamless operation on Android platforms, developed using Kotlin. Users can access the application in both English and Turkish.

Fast and Efficient User Experience:

The application's high-quality and effective interface allows users to perform operations swiftly, offering a delightful experience.

Features Tailored to the Logistics Sector:

Ekol Compass provides specialized features that cater to the unique needs of the logistics industry, ensuring users have a productive experience.

Project Duration and Success:

The Ekol Compass project, inclusive of interface developments, UI/UX designs, and all innovations for mobile devices, was completed in a mere 6 months. This swift completion showcases the strength and efficiency of our collaboration.

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